One simple device.
An entire payment solution.

Amazing from the inside out

A simpler solution

tiptap is an NFC-enabled wireless receiver that allows for instant acceptance of any contactless payment or donation.

Each unit functions as an autonomous POS system, enabling contactless transactions without additional equipment or complicated back-end technology.

We know there’s a human behind every tap, so we’re focused on providing features and benefits that work for everyone.

Wall mounted sign

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Counter or table top sign

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Lanyard cards

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5′ Floor stand

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Your campaign brought to life, easier and faster

The tiptap device is just part of our formula for success. We offer a full suite of collateral options to make your campaign message come through loud and clear. We’ll work with you to determine what types of collateral will work best for your campaign, and can even help you design eye catching and engaging creative that’s been tried and tested.

Get access to insights you can actually use

Easily access real-time insights and reporting from your computer or mobile device to maximize the success of your campaign. You can use the tiptap platform to view basic data or opt for the more advanced analytics dashboard.

With full insight into device activity – including geo-tracking notifications – access and share real-time information about where and when people give.

Devices can be remotely deactivated or re-assigned to new campaigns, events, and/or locations.

From the web interface to the mobile app, access your data anytime, anywhere.

Simple acceptance

Universal acceptance
Our super-secure, cutting-edge technology collects data from all contactless cards and wallets.

Ready-to-collect devices
Before your devices reach your door, we inject them with the merchant processors’ payment key or link them to your deposit account.

Card-present transactions
tiptap processes contactless payment cards and mobile wallets when the card or wallet is within a 1.5cm range. Transactions can occur every 3 seconds with a maximum of ten consecutive taps per card/wallet.

Limitless collection capabilities
tiptap devices don’t require app access to accept payments, offering a simple way to collect from multiple devices and multiple locations.

Contactless payments, elevated

Complete autonomy
tiptap is the only completely autonomous payment processor on the market – no external devices or cumbersome equipment required.

World’s smallest payment receiver
tiptap is 50mm x 50mm (smaller than a deck of cards), making it the smallest autonomous contactless payment receiver in the world.

Fixed payment amounts
Device amounts are etched onto the device casing and are never changed during the lifespan of the device. These amounts are constantly verified against a matching ledger on our server to provide additional security.

Zero-barrier on-boarding and setup
No complicated on-boarding processes here. Get setup to collect in just a few simple steps.

Second-to-none security

Secure network and processing
Transactions occur via a dedicated and secure LTE-M private network transmission which follows the most stringent PCI specifications.

Traceable taps
tiptap’s tracking mechanisms include cellular network GPS, enabling detection of transaction locations in real-time.

Tamper resistance
Tamper-resistant housing, tamper-proof casing, and a tamper-proof secure chipset eliminate worries about device longevity and performance.

Authentication before activation
The tiptap ecosystem is built as a payment facilitator, authenticating end clients as merchants through a KYB process.

Industry-standard certifications
tiptap is held to the highest regulatory and safety standards. Devices do not store payment or card data. Additionally, devices can be remotely deactivated.

Painless processing

Efficient and inexpensive processing
We’ve taken the simplicity of a tap payment and translated that simplicity into our front-end and back-end processing.

Diminish cashflow downtime
Funds from each tap are deposited into your account with efficient, industry-leading turnaround times (24 hour average vs. 5-7 business days).

Fully-integrated payment app
We use payment gateway technology that integrates easily with just about any processor or aggregator – like iAts, CanadaHelps and others.

Those we help are loving it

You provided a great product and great support.
Salvation Army
You guys are going to completely change the way we operate.
Girl Guides of Canada
This is going to be transformational, we can't wait to roll it out!
Sick Kids