The easiest way to accept small payments anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Payment options

TipTap is a mobile, wireless device enabling contactless acceptance of any digital payment source in preset denominations.

TipTap functions as a standalone point-of-sale device without cumbersome equipment or complicated backend technology, providing a simple, affordable solution for small denomination transactions, anywhere, anytime.

Smart, Simple Payments

Universal acceptance

Accept any digital payment source, processor or loyalty program.

Better business insights

Real‑time monitoring and customizable dashboards.

More points of sale

Affordable, autonomous, mobile units.

Fast & simple setup

5 easy steps.

Increased accountability

Transparent tracking and real‑time notifications.

Collect up to 4x more with simpler, smarter payments technology

Better Business Insights

Smart features, real‑time insights and greater financial accountability mean you can optimize business performance easier than ever before.

  • Unit‑by‑unit performance comparisons
  • Customizable goals or sales targets
  • Shareable dashboard access with teams or sales leads
  • Friendly UX for stress‑free financial management
  • Mobile units allow location flexibility
  • Real‑time notifications track all transactions
  • Increase agent autonomy with zero risk
  • Instant deposits prevent loss or shrinkage

Development Partners

Global Payments

The Power of Possibility

We’re solving the disappearance of cash and the resulting loss of revenue by providing simpler payment solutions for everyone.


The adoption of digital payments has rendered small cash transactions almost obsolete, reducing sales and causing friction between merchants and consumers.

TipTap provides a faster, simpler, solution to digital payments.

Charitable & Non‑Profit

As we move towards a cashless society, charitable organizations are struggling to bridge the digital gap between willing donors & the causes they care about.

TipTap provides easier giving, better tracking & more flexible fundraising, so charities to spend more time on what matters most.

Community Economy

Today’s gig economy and entrepreneurial culture provides a massive new market searching for accessible payment solutions.

As more people trade their 9-5 for a chance to pursue their passions, TipTap provides an affordable digital payment platform to help make it happen.

Profit With Purpose

We believe in profit with purpose, and business as a force for good. We support organizations helping those that need it most, and connect consumers with causes they care about.

We work with causes close to our hearts and we’re passionate about building a business that makes a world a better place. Here are some of the incredible partners we’re making change with.


eSight helps those with a visual impairment see the world ‑ and change it, too.


These programs help kids and adults living with ASD create some of the most amazing films, art and entertainment.

Tecasy Ranch

Tecasy Ranch is available for charities to use for fundraising activities free of charge.


Wishplay is a nonprofit with the mission to develop simple and easy to use solutions to allow patients to live beyond the limitations of their illness or disability.