The way people give is changing rapidly.

Keep up with touchless giving™ and touchless payments™

the world is going
cashless and we need to adapt to a new normal

touchless payments™ and touchless giving™
are now easier than ever


What you see is what you pay

Fixed amounts for faster, trustworthy payment processing.


No app or
devices required

tiptap is completely autonomous. Just turn on and collect, even if you’re not around.


A simple tap to pay instantly

Accepts all available contactless payment sources for an easy touchless giving experience


Small and portable

Attach units here or there - or take them with you. The choice is yours.

Counter display

The counter display solution is easy to move around. Place it on a counter, shelf or table for maximum impact. It is also available with 3 devices to offer more denomination choices at once.

Great for: checkout counter collections, event check-in stations, coat check, etc.

Backstage pass/selfie stick

Backstage pass

The backstage pass is completely mobile and lightweight. With the addition of our selfie stick it can twist, turn and for even more collection points the selfie stick turns into a stand.

Great for: festivals, mobile collection stations, carnival games, etc.

Floor stand

Floor stand

The 3-device floor stand is a completely stand alone display that includes multiple denominations. The display can be moved around to allow multiple collection points. You can add an optional high-capacity battery if the display will not be located close to a power outlet.

Great for: events, retail locations, etc.

Floating poster

Floating poster

Our XL floating poster includes the mounting hardware so all you need to think about is high visibility areas to display your poster. The poster includes 3 denominations, giving the donors options.

Great for: outdoor installations, entrances, festival and events, etc.

Giving dish

Giving dish

The lightweight giving dish allows for both touchless giving and cash and to accommodate all donation types. The giving dish also comes with a stand for completely autonomous collections.

Great for: religious services, community based fundraising events, etc.

Parade bucket

Parade bucket

The parade bucket is a great solution for events that are collecting both cash and touchless donations. Customize your bucket with your logo and choose the denomination that best suits your needs.

Great for: events, parades, mobile collections, etc.

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Organizations who've embraced touchless giving™

More than just a payment receiver

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The need: our current state of transactions

Cash can’t keep up

It’s disappearance from the everyday fold has put increasing strain on small-denomination transactions.

Digital payment technologies don’t fully deliver

While many advancements have been made, current solutions can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Enter tiptap

We’re tapping into people’s existing desire to give and pairing it with the most simple of contactless payments – meaning no more transaction barriers. This autonomous, touchless giving and touchless payment solution creates a big impact in many different areas, including:

Charity & Fundraising

Enabling willing donors to contribute to meaningful causes.
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Simplifying split-second transactions to keep things moving.
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Venues & Festivals

Eliminating lengthy lineups and allowing attendees to focus on what’s most important - the experience.
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Ready to give it a try?

It's the easiest, lowest risk, touchless giving solution to further your cause.