Our top 10 tips to help you collect more

After helping thousands of organizations use tiptap to collect more for their cause we’ve learned a few things. Here’s our top 10 list of how to get the most out of your tiptap solution.


Look for areas with high visibility and lots of traffic. Even better if it’s near a checkout where people have their wallets out! A floor stand in front of people lining up to pay for a purchase or on the counter while they wait to receive their order is ideal. Bottom line, look for the high traffic areas and include your tiptap display into the flow!

Power up!

Do a daily check to make sure your tiptap device(s) are plugged in and connected to the cell network. If you’re using batteries be sure to fully charge them each night.

Clear call to action 

Be clear about what you’re asking for and use action oriented words. Be very direct with what you want people to do and don’t make them guess or have to think about it. Words like “donate today” or “give to help our youth” make it easy to understand what you’re asking.

Impact of donation

Tell potential donors where their money is going and how it’s going to help. Again, use very clear and direct language, for example, “Help send a kid to camp”, “Support our research to find a cure”, “$20 provides a night in our shelter”.


A smile and hello goes a long way to starting a conversation with potential donors. As people are going about their daily business they aren’t thinking about your cause, but a friendly smile and starting a conversation is just what they need to pause and learn more. Not everyone will stop of course, but many will respond to a friendly greeting which is the perfect way to lead in to #6.

Ask for the tap

After engaging with a friendly hello, ask for the tap. It’s easy for donors to walk by but engaging in a friendly conversation and asking for support often leads to a positive outcome as few of us want to say no to helping others.

Have something to give

Provide value to the donor by trading something in exchange for their donation. It can be as simple as a sticker, most people like to be part of the group and a sticker is a great way to help people feel recognized and belonging to a community. Other popular options we’ve seen include pencils, socks, and notebooks. 

Enlist community helpers

Ask your local police officers, firefighters, kids sports teams, or other community members to help collect donations. It builds community and helps get more people involved with your cause.

Share results

Share how much you’ve raised so far and progress towards your goal. Success breeds success, the more you share results the more the momentum builds and people want to be part of it. 

Ask for referrals

Ask your donors to spread the word by telling their friends and sharing on social media where you’re collecting and the cause you’re supporting. 

We want to hear from you, what have you done or thinking about doing to make your campaign a success? Please share with us below, you might be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters!