Our Story

“tiptap is more than just a payment solution. It is the realization of a dream to help others.”

– Chris Greenfield, CEO & Founder of tiptap

People around the globe just don’t carry cash anymore. With no current digital alternative for quick impulse donations and small-denomination cash transactions, we created a simple acceptance device for a cashless economy.

But we’re more than just a cash-replacement solution. We’re on a mission to give back.

By allowing others to transact and give in a way that works for them, we’re removing barriers between people and the causes they care about – and we support organizations who look to use our simple payment solution as a way to give back to those who need it most.

We’re providing equal access to simpler digital payments for one and all – inviting others to join our mission to Give More™ in the process.

An experienced team from diverse backgrounds

We’ve rubbed elbows with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies and have played key roles in their development. With our collective know-how and thirst for innovation, we’re ready to change the way the world sees small-denomination, cashless transactions.

From visionaries to tactical experts (and everything in between), our tiptap A-team has one goal in mind: revolutionize the payment landscape with the world’s smallest contactless payment receiver – and enable people to Give More™ in the process.


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