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tiptap is an innovative ESG fintech company with the world’s simplest way to accept touchless payments™. At our core we’re a purpose driven company focused on helping those who need it the most. As the world goes cashless people can now tap to give™ to support the causes they care about.

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Barry Hildred


Mauro Spagnolo


Jason Parker


our story

tiptap started in an underground parking garage during a regular, everyday interaction between a parking valet and his customer, CEO and founder Chris Greenfield. As Chris rooted through his car looking for cash to tip the valet the frustration built, he wanted to tip but couldn’t. 

Chris asked the valet if he’d wear a button on his lapel that customers could tap to tip. 

Fast forward to today, hundreds of organizations and people are using tiptap to replace the disappearance of cash and coin. 

The entire team at tiptap is passionately involved in helping our partners and clients collect more. We’re a vocal and passionate bunch that believes strongly in the need to help those who need help the most.

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It’s the easiest, lowest risk, touchless giving™ solution to further your cause.