a simple tap to keep things moving

enhance the speed and simplicity of transit experiences with tiptap's easy and affordable contactless payment solution

Using what’s in everyone’s wallet, payments become easier and faster – meaning more riders, more often.

Existing infrastructure can easily be retrofitted to incorporate tiptap devices.

Digitally access real-time data to track ridership and optimize routes.

In an industry that demands timeliness, tap payments allow riders to quickly pay and be on their way.

We guarantee the security of our devices and the transactions that occur on them.

With tiptap’s simple set up and ease of use, cumbersome transactions can become time-saving taps in as little as one day.

transport riders through a variety
of seamless experiences



Enable quick and painless boarding with the simplicity of tap-to-pay fares.


tour operators

Allow tour-goers to tap for quick on-board purchases and driver gratuities.


toll booths

Eliminate cumbersome loose-change transactions. Commuters can simply tap and go.


turnstiles & fare gates

Reduce queues with split-second taps, keeping everyone moving and on time.



Provide a simple and stress-free way to pay for parking with self-serve, tap-to-pay kiosks.

easy, 4-step

1. Die cut in or add to existing infrastructure

2. Insert patented universal fastener

3. Insert tiptap device into fastener

4. Turn on and collect!

ready to give it a try?

It's the easiest, lowest risk, touchless giving™ solution to further your cause.