We want to help you help others, now more than ever

Offer touchless giving

People see touchless payments as an easy, clean & safe way to give - something that cash can no longer deliver.

Drive impulse donations

Join our charity partners who are already seeing 3x higher donations with tiptap vs. cash.

Easy to set up and use

With our low-cost units and simple refund policy, your mission moves forward with little up-front investment and minimal risk.​

We've made it simple...

Order your devices below

in the denominations and quantities you need

Design your campaign materials

Simply use our device dieline template and create campaign collateral that’s limited only by your imagination. You can also reach out to us for ideas and design help at design@tiptappay.com.

Set up in 3 easy steps...

1. Set up your campaign

Create your first campaign in minutes with our user friendly dashboard

2. Use the secure gasket to affix devices to your collateral

Pop the tiptap into your signage and secure it in place in one easy step

3. Plug in to a power source

Use the supplied power cable and adaptor, or connect to battery bank or even a solar power source

...and begin collecting!

Watch the donations come in on your real-time reporting platform and get daily deposit reports.

Share your stories with us and others to help them learn how to collect more.

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Questions about ordering

We’re expanding our production capacity to help increase donations for the organizations that our communities are now, more than ever, reliant upon. This goal is reflected in our low-cost, simple-deposit payment structure. We want to make it easy and affordable for all organizations to enable touchless donations, raising critical funds to move their missions forward.

At this time, we are able to provide custom currency and custom amounts for larger orders only. If you are interested in ordering over 50 customized devices, please contact us at orders@tiptappay.com and tell us a little bit about your needs. If you would like to keep in touch and be made aware of when we can fill smaller custom orders, please email us at currency@tiptappay.com
Our first units are already in market with our next production run being completed in April. We anticipate to have current customer orders shipped by June. We will update the website/order form date if this changes. We have one year of component inventory in stock or reserved, and our devices are assembled locally, primarily by robotics. No production delay is anticipated at this point. If you have any further questions, please contact us at orders@tiptappay.com and tell us what we can help you with. 
Order your units now for only a $10 deposit per receiver on a 24 month lease. The balance of your lease can be paid by your receiver collections. An additional 5% service fee includes all card fees, processing costs and disbursement fees, and full administration and reporting platform access and support. If you have any further questions, please contact us at orders@tiptappay.comand tell us what we can help you with. 

If you are only interested in doing a one time fundraiser you can simply rent our devices for $10/week. We recommend this for any fundraising event limited to less than 8 weeks otherwise why not collect all year round? If you are interested in a short term rental please contact us at rentals@tiptappay.com with details on your needs including dates (start and end dates), number of units required and cause you are supporting.

Please contact us at orders@tiptappay.com or 1 833 EASY 2 GIVE  and let us know how we can help.
We offer a full replacement warranty, and your order is cancelable with thirty days notice prior to delivery. On deposit, final contract and confirmation of order will be provided 45 days prior to delivery. If you have any further questions, please contact us at orders@tiptappay.com and tell us what we can help you with.
You can check out our general FAQ  for more information.
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