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Good news! All you need is a bank account and a payment processor. If you don’t currently have a payment processor, we’d be happy to help you get set up with one. 

Visa, Mastercard, Interac Flash, Discover, and mobile phone payment wallets.

We focus on charities, transit solutions, events, venues, festivals, hospitality services and agents, but we are open to exploring new markets. Any business that regularly performs small denomination transactions is a good fit for tiptap.

Our extensive dashboards can be found on our web portal or mobile app. The dashboard provides real-time insights that show how much each device or group of devices has collected, from where, and at what time. Results are displayed in the form of charts, graphs and maps. This allows our customers to optimize their fundraising efforts in real time.

Devices are $30/mo. or $20/mo. (with a 12 month contract), plus a 1.5% tiptap transaction fee.

Short answer: yes. Our initial launch will solely be focused on providing B2B solutions during which time a merchant account will be required. In the future, for those clients who wish to set up individual accounts, the merchant account will not be required.

Simply order your device from our website or through our verified partners, register the device using your bank account details, and start collecting. All collections will be deposited into your account within 24 hours.

Our team will provide a delivery timeframe based upon quantities ordered as well as the geographical location of the delivery address.

Device setup takes less than 2 minutes. Once complete, begin collecting instantly!

We are available 24/7 to answer any and all quesitons. Contact us via email at or by phone at 1-833 EASY 2 GIVE

We currently have an iOS app available on the App Store and are nearing completion of our Android app. Additionally, there is a web platform which can be accessed through the browser on your desktop computer.

Yes, we are PCI and EMV compliant with various processors and card schemes.

You can order more devices through our website or through our verified partners. For high volume orders, please contact or 1-833 EASY 2 GIVE

You can cancel your account at any time through your online dashboard. Contact our team for instructions on how to return your devices.

We collect no personal information, and card information is encrypted and transported on a private LTEm network to our server, making it as secure (or more secure) than the big banks. Our device cannot be hacked as any change in the firmware automatically transmits a tamper signal and shuts down the device. The inside is filled with an acrylic potting, making it impossible to compromise the hardware.


Not on the device specifically, but you can on a display that can contains the device.

No. Our core competency is simplicity, and sticking to rounded amounts is as simple as it gets.

Yes. The acrylic potting adds water-proofing properties to the devices, allowing them to withstand a variety of weather elements.

The only requirement for maintaining the device is re-charging the battery.

Typically 5 days, but may vary depending on use and outside temperature.

Yes. Devices can be recharged via USB-C cable and a charging block (USB-C cable is included with each device).

Because our device is tamper-proof, the dollar amount shown cannot be changed or altered. This helps customers feel confident that what they see is what they pay. Should you need a device with a different value, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Your device can be found on the GPS mapping tool on your dashboard and can be temporarily or fully wiped until the device is found.

Yes, there is a GPS tracker built into each device. In addition, the platform will have a mapping function so users can see real-time pings of where each device is and when it has approved a transaction.

Yes. Each device has a device number which has to match the device number on our server. This protects you and the customer from fraudulent, knock-off devices.

All of our denominations have different colours, making it easy to clearly decipher between devices.

Devices can be transferred from campaign to campaign, but in order to use it with another organization, the device will have to be removed from the current organization, wiped, and then set up with the new organization’s banking information.

Yes. The acrylic potting adds thermal properties to the devices, allowing them to withstand a range of temperatures and weather elements.

Because the device is connected to the organization’s bank account, if someone were to steal a device, any payments made to the device would go directly to that organization’s bank account.


Our web platform is available for all computers, and our iOS platform is available for all iPhones. Our development team is currently working on an android app.

Because Rogers cellular towers all have back-ups, it is rare that the entire network would go down. In the instance that this happens, sign into your dashboard to confirm the disruption (you will be notified via pop-up message).

Because our firmware is tamper-proof, we do not issue any firmware updates.

We do not collect any personal information. Any data is encrypted through a kernel and protected in our private LTEm pipe. Data is valididated when passed through our secure server, and only after this validation is complete can a request be made to the processor.

Any fraud will be detected by our server at which point the device will decline the transaction.

Point of Sale

Money is deposited into your designated bank account every 24 hours.

Currently, we are only available in Canada and can only accept CAD funds. We plan to expand to countries that use a dollar currency such as the USA, the European Union, New Zealand, and Australia.

tiptap doesn’t replace cash. It acts as a supplement to those who no longer carry cash and prefer to use digital or contactless payment methods.

The same card can be tapped up to 10 times.

Our NFC reader is set to a proximity that requires a physical, card-to-unit tap. This prevents any accidental charges or mistaps.

For donations under $20, receipts are typically not issued. That said, receipts of any amount can be obtained by entering your transaction ID from your credit card statement at or by emailing us at

A chargeback is when a customer requests a refund. It is the act of giving the customer their money back.

If a transaction is approved, the device will create a sound and flash green. If a transaction is declined, the device will create a sound and flash red.

We are currently only in the Canadian Market accepting CAD funds. We will be entering the United States market shortly at which point we’ll accept USD funds.

The more taps the better! We want to see you thrive, so we have not placed any limits on the amount of collective taps that each device can accept. However, as a fraud-prevention measure, credit card issuers do set a ten-tap limit for each indiviual card.

Through our reporting dashboard, the amount each device or group of devices collects is displayed in the form of a number and a chart.

For standalone devices, refunds can be requested at or 1-833 EASY 2 GIVE.nFor devices with attendees, refunds can be processed through our app in real-time.

tiptap gladly accepts EMV cards. EMV stands for “EuroPay Mastercard Visa” and was created as a way to protect consumers from fraud. Visa and Mastercard have provided us waivers to use our device with their endorsement until our devices our fully certified.

No. Zero payment data is stored on your device. Off-network storage solutions are being explored, specifically for use cases such as air travel and subways.

No. tiptap is specifically designed to be used when a payment card is present.

Moneris, Global payments and Elavon.

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