faith-based giving

as cash is disappearing, join the transformation
of giving with tiptap

Increase your candle donations by accepting credit and debit cards at the moment of inspiration! Don’t let the disappearance of cash stop your fundraising efforts.
tiptap has created a custom solution to help boost your candle donation revenue.

with plans starting at $30 / month*,
you can start collecting in 4 easy steps!

Step 1

place your order

Step 2

connect your card payments provider

Step 3

receive your devices

Step 4

start collecting

Working with tiptap has made me realize that utilizing new technologies is vital to our success when connecting the needs of the less fortunate with younger generations eager to make a difference.
Father Toby — St.Mary's Parish

find out how Tiny Home Takeout discovered tiptap
as a solution

touchless giving™ means more donations
and more visible change


easy setup - no IT required

tiptap is completely autonomous. Just turn on and collect, even if you're not around.


unattended collection points

Allow for tap-and-go donations in high traffic areas.


what you see is what you give

Fixed amounts for faster, trustworthy payment processing.


small and portable

Attach units here or there - or take them with you. The choice is yours.

tiptap simplifies contactless donations and keeps
the message of the mission at the forefront

Anyone can spontaneously and conveniently donate to causes they care about with what’s already in their wallet – no cash required.

What you see is what you pay. Donors are provided with a frictionless donation experience – no buttons, no chip and pin, no fuss.

Small, easy-to-operate mobile units allow for limitless collection points – manned or unmanned.

Both the unit and its operation are low-cost, meaning donations go where they’re needed most.

Gain faster insights into where and how funds are being collected and more quickly adapt campaign strategies to raise more money.

Mood-elevating lights and sounds enhance the donation experience. These positive action triggers can increase donor engagement when incorporated into new or existing charitable campaigns.

*Additional charges apply: signage, shipping and handling, tiptap processing fee of 1.5% of transactions are extra.

ready to give it a try?

It's the easiest, lowest risk, touchless giving™ solution to further your cause.