Contactless donations for charities and fundraising

A simple way to tap to give™

tiptap simplifies contactless donations and keeps the message of the mission at the forefront.

Anyone can spontaneously and conveniently donate to causes they care about with what’s already in their wallet – no cash required.

What you see is what you pay. Donors are provided with a frictionless donation experience – no buttons, no chip and pin, no fuss.

Small, easy-to-operate mobile units allow for limitless collection points – manned or unmanned.

Both the unit and its operation are low-cost, meaning donations go where they’re needed most.

Gain faster insights into where and how funds are being collected and more quickly adapt campaign strategies to raise more money.

Mood-elevating lights and sounds enhance the donation experience. These positive action triggers can increase donor engagement when incorporated into new or existing charitable campaigns.

touchless giving™ means more donations and more visible change.



Field teams can easily converse and collect with fully autonomous units.


Unmanned collection points

Allow for tap-and-go donations in high traffic areas.


Point of sale

Drive more impulse donations with ease - no staff training required.


Charity events

Enable guests to quickly and easily pay for parking, coat check and other event services.

We’re thrilled to be helping these organizations, and the list continues to grow.


Contactless vs. Cash

Ready to give it a try?

It's the easiest, lowest risk, touchless giving solution to further your cause.