2020 Year in Review

What a year!

While it wasn’t an easy year, it taught us a lot about gratitude. Here are a few things that happened in 2020 that we at tiptap are grateful for.

New meaning for our business

While we’ve always known tiptap would have a huge impact on the charitable sector, we could never have expected the massive need for our solution until the world changed forever in March of this year. With charitable donations reaching devastating lows and the need for charitable services reaching new highs, we made the decision to reach out to more charities to see how we can support their important work with our touchless giving™ devices – and ultimately, help those in need.

Using tech as a force for good is not just what we do, it’s who we are.

New partnerships

2021 is going to be an exciting year. While we can’t give away too much just yet, we can tell you that we’ve aligned with some major charities to bring significant change to our communities in 2021.

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Between our campaign with the Salvation Army and our campaign on FrontFundr, the end of 2020 saw a lot of traction for us in the news. While we’re not ones to toot our own horn, we thought our supporters might like to see where we’ve been featured in the news this year.

New visions of V2 device

We work with some talented people! With our dream team of experts, the vision for our V2 device is really coming to life. We are focused on developing a device that’s unlike anything available in the payments space, creating a giving experience that’s enjoyable and inspiring. Stay tuned for more device updates in 2021.

New office

We’re moving on up! In November of this year, we moved into a new facility in Burlington, Ontario. This move not only gave us more office space, but gave us a new warehouse and shipping facility that will allow us to scale in 2021 – and beyond.

New perspective on giving

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how fortunate we are. Many businesses struggled this year. Many startups likely saw their dreams come crashing down as the world came to a halt.

We’d like to believe we made it this far for a reason.

After many intimate conversations with charities and changemakers, we know that despite the unknown state of the world, people are good. We want to change the narrative on what it means to give.

Give a smile. Give a compliment. Give a $5 tap to support a charity. To us, it all adds up to make a difference – and that’s the message we want to spread as people search for hope in the years to come.

No amount of giving is too small, no type of giving is insignificant. Just give.

Wishing everyone, everywhere a happy and prosperous new year. Here’s to 2021!

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