The world needs our help.

Empathy is what created tiptap. Helping is at the core of what we do.

We’ve got lots of ideas about using our devices to connect communities with the causes they care about. That’s how the tiptap Foundation came to be.

Through our foundation, we’re using technology as a force for good to abolish homelessness, support reforestation and restore our beautiful oceans.


End Homelessness

We believe ending homelessness is possible.

We’re harnessing empathy and activating people’s desire to help those in need. Collection points across urban areas will provide people with efficient, accessible opportunities to give.
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Crystal Clear Oceans

We believe our oceans and coastlines can thrive again.

Through collection points in aquariums, zoos, parks and conservation areas, we’re using tap donations to restore our oceans and shorelines. We can once again allow coastal ecosystems to thrive.
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1 Trillion Trees

We believe deforestation can be reversed.

One trillion trees is an initiative to plant a single tree with each tap. Working with a variety of environmental groups, sponsors and supporters, we can plant more than a million trees each year.
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